Creon vs. Antigone in the burial of Polyneices

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Creon vs. Antigone in the burial of Polyneices When King Oedipus learned that he lived his life under a curse, unknowingly killing his father and marrying his mother, he poked out his own eyes and dissappeared into exile. After Oedipus' abandonment, toghether his sons Eteocles and Polyneices ruled Thebes. The two brothers eventually came to conflict, Eteocles banished his brother, and Ployneices attacked the city with an army outside of Thebes. During the battle the …

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…of the gods and of her own conscience. Creon refuses Polynecies to be bured with honor because of his strong belief that he has acted as a traitor to Thebes. Antigone is willing to risk her life so her brother can be given the proper burial she feels he deserves. Creon and Antigone both feel very strongly on what they think should be done and both are determined to do what they feel is right.