Creon and Oedipus

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Creon and Oedipus What leads a great man to his downfall? The answer is pride, or hubris. Pride crushes leaders, destroys cities, demolishes states, and annihilates countries. In the plays ANTIGONE and OEDIPUS THE KING, the same flaw crumbles the two leaders. The two kings of Thebes, Creon and Oedipus, come to their demise because of the same tragic flaw they share, pride. The two characters Creon and Oedipus share many similarities, such as their …

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…they each share-pride. They shared grief, they shared pain, and they shared misery, but they did not share the views about their roles as leaders. Creon believed that he ruled the city for his himself. However Oedipus ruled Thebes for the people. Both came to a gruesome downfall. They are the characters that we anger ourselves over. We anger ourselves because we can see how their pride took them from great to a mere disgrace.