Creon and Achilles

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Both Creon of Sophocles’ Antigone and Achilles of Homer’s The Iliad end up allowing the body of their enemy a proper burial. During the time following the death of Hector, Achilles is in a position very similar to that which Creon deals with in Antigone. Both men show similar flaws, and face similar struggles. The difference between the two men is only subtly discernible until the telling moment when each man is faced with …

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…have learned pity, flexibility, and given up his rage. It takes the suicide of his son and wife for Creon to see the error in his ways, and without these tragic events, it is doubtful that Creon would have realized anything of the sort. Behind the rage and vengeance of Achilles, Homer has been revealed a compassionate being. Creon, on the other hand, seems to have only more pride, rage and anguish beneath his flaws.