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Credit Cards An American Way of Life Credit cards are quickly becoming a major problem for the American people. It is so easy to get into debt with a credit card, and anyone with a mailbox and a pulse can get one. Many Americans can't get out of debt and they run into credit problems; some even file for bankruptcy. The reason it is so easy to use a credit card is that when you …

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…and pay his credit card off each month, then having a credit card is not a dangerous habit. Works Cited 1. Choosing and Using Credit Cards, 2, 2. January 1999 Credit Repair: self-help May Be Best, 3. 4. February 1998 Dollars & Sense, 5. Nov-Dec 1998 v0 i220 p21 People Weekly, 6. Feb 17, 1997 v47 n6 p69 Popeck Cindy 7. Countryside and Small Stock Journal; Waterloo; Mar/Apr 1999