"Creative Writing Tips" To become a creative writer there isn't much to it except WRITING. In this essay there are some ways to get your hand moving across the paper.

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So you want to be a creative writer? Well here are some simple steps to become one. 1) Get a journal/notebook and a pen/pencil that you can carry with you so if you get to thinking creative then you can jot it down wherever you are. 2) Find a spot that you enjoy so you can go there when you feel like writing (i.e. A desk, a tree house, the library, or wherever you …

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…is great. If not DO NOT throw them away.. save them for a rainy day when you can work on it more until it is to your liking. No matter who you are there is always something to write about and as for me, I love creative writing. I do it everyday and have about 4 notebooks full of my writings and 2 floppy discs full. I hope this helps you when it comes to your writing.