Creatine is Not Good

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Creatine, a natural substance found in skeletal muscles, is being produced and marketed as a performance enhancer. National skepticism of the drug arose after the Major League Baseball home run race of 1998. Mark McGwire drew attention for his publicized use of creatine and other performance enhancing drugs (“In the ‘Zone’”, 2001). Creatine is sold in the powder form, fruit chew form, and is also found mixed into sports drinks (Clinical Pharmacology, 2001). Manufacturers of creatine claim that …

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…use of creatine may be much worse than the short-term adverse effects. Clinical Pharmacology (Interactions) reports that one case report shows that a healthy twenty-five year old taking cyclosporine, an immune system drug used to help transplants turn out successful, began use of creatine and soon experienced kidney dysfunction. These possible adverse effects of creatine use should be more widely publicized so parents and teenagers can know the dangers they face in using the supplement.