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May 5, 1999 9AHP4 Outline Question: Should creatine be legal? Title: Creatine: The legal supplement I. Introduction A. Background on Creatine 1. History a. Beginning of supplementation b. Advancements 2. Function a. Purpose b. Uses B. Problem: Should creatine be categorized as a drug or a dietary supplement? II. Body A. Positives of Creatine 1. Bigger Bodies and Stronger Muscles 2. Better than Steroids B. Negatives of Creatine 1. Overdosing 2. Dangers of the unknown C. Supporters/Opposers of Creatine III. Conclusion A. …

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…remain legal as a natural body building supplement. Creatine: The legal supplement by English 9AH Pd 4 Mrs. May 5, 1999 Works Cited Duchaine, Dan. "Ask the Guru." Muscle Media 2000 Sept. 1995: 1-3. Jeansonne, John. "Worth the Weight?" Newsday 26 July 1998: 1-8. Mathas, Jason. "Recreating Creatine." Pump Oct. 1998: 1-4. Phillips, Bill. "No Holds Barred!" Muscle Media 2000 Sept. 1995: 1-5. Schrof, Joamie M. "McGwire Hits the Pills." U.S. News & World Report Sept. 1998: 1-4. Stout, Jeffrey R. "Pulse." Pump Oct/Nov. 1998: 1-4.