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Coyote Ugly, directed by David McNally and written by Gina Wendkos, promotes itself as a film that focuses on a group of young female, table-dancing bartenders --or "coyotes"-- who entertain and thrill their drunk clientele with their uninhibited and often choreographed moves. However, Coyote Ugly soon reveals its true main character, an endearing small-town girl, and offers an appeasing main story about her survival in the city and about the challenge of pursuing her …

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…ose scenes that portray Violet's repeated ingenuity in her ability to control men --a theme that is continually explored in her relations with all male characters, and one which earns the devious Coyote Ugly a more respectful regard. Therefore, in the opinion of this critic Coyote Ugly receives a rating of a B. It has a good story line combined with great acting and a fun-filled persona, which help to make up for some predictability.