Covenanted Governments

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The covenant is very dear to our modern world, being that many political philosophers that shaped our modern world based much of their theories on a covenanted government. When looking at the United States, the theory was considered important from the Mayflower Compact and on. The theory of “a covenanted people” is associated with Locke, Hobbes, and Rousseau. Our “framers” took all of the aforementioned history and philosophy in account to develop our virgin nation. …

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…we follow a majority vote in our three bodies of government and the amendments ensure our rights to freedom. We are Federalists, which comes from the Latin for covenants (foedus). Perhaps best expressed in the words “we the people.” It was this desire to be free to form their covenant with God that forced the Pilgrims to question and criticize King James, and finally to cross the Atlantic in order to establish changes and freedoms.