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Katz v. United States Argued-1967, Decided-1967 4th amendment-search and seizure Federal Agents eavesdropped on a public phone booth used by Katz. Katz was then convicted under an 8 count indictment for illegal transmission of wagering info. from LA to Boston and Miami. Katz argued that the recordings could not be used against him as evidence, however, the Court of Appeals rejected his point, noting the absence of a physical intrusion into the phone booth itself. The …

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…ruled that the law was cruel and unusual punishment and violated the 8th and 14th amendment. The Court made a law that stated it to be a criminal offense "to be mentally ill, a leper, or to be afflicted with a venereal disease", and stated that a state could not punish someone because of their addiction. The Court also stated that the law was not directed at the purchase possession, or sale of illegal drugs