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Reynolds v. United States Argued/Decided-1878 1st amendment-religion Reynolds, a Mormon in Utah, married a second wife in breach of pertinent the Utahl law. He argued that it was his duty to practice polygamy as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He requested the court to instruct the jury that if they found that he had married in pursuance of and conformity with what he believed at the time to …

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…decision made in Aguilar v. Felton. The Court ruled that a public teacher going into a parochial school will not lead to the indoctrination of state-sponsored religion. The NY program did not provide parochial schools win any incentive, financial or other, to establish religion in order to attract public school teachers. The Court noted that only those policies which make an excessive conflict between church and state will be believed to violate the Establishment Clause.