Court Report - report on visit to a court.

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Court Report 1. Where is the court situated? Did you find it difficult to reach?         The local court that I attended was at Hornsby. It was easy to reach since it was on the main road (Pacific Highway) and was located next to the Council Chambers. I attended the Court on Friday the 2nd of August from 10am to 2pm. 2. How was the work distributed at the Court? Compare the number of matters for hearing and …

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…other on lookers. The main role of the others was to take notes and keep tape records, and to ensure the overall smooth running of the courtroom. 9. Did the proceedings seem an appropriate and hust way of resolving the dispute?         The proceedings at the Hearing were efficient in dealing with the facts of the matter, but did not address the moral dilemna concerned with this particular case. (especially some of the actions of the wife.)