Country Lifestyles Vs. City Lifestyles

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Country Lifestyles vs. City Lifestyles The country lifestyles and city lifestyles have a lot of differences, such as work, the environment and the entertainment. Let me discuss the facts about these lifestyles below. The first difference is work. Both country and city people usually work, but they have different work methods. To begin with, farmers work outside and harvest. Employees of a company work inside and are people who work with machines. Second, the country …

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…people from both lifestyles have been involved in the other lifestyles before. In conclusion, we have found out that country lifestyles are different in ways of city lifestyles, and similar to the jobs of city lifestyles. In order to find more differences and similarities of the two lifestyles, they would have to switch lifestyles in order to better understand the importance of the two lifestyles and how they change over the years of hard work.