Could Napster Be Nicked?

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Judson Smith Myers English 1101 Paper 1 9/13/2000 Could Napster Be Nicked? Recently, Napster, Inc., the online song sharing company came very close to being shut down for copyright infringement. I believe that it would be a mistake to shut down these online, song-sharing, companies as they provide a number of benefits to society. Some examples of these benefits include exposing listeners to a wider variety of music and not limiting their listening to one or two particular …

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…again and they are getting turned on to new music also. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Works Cited Reuters. “Napster isn’t affecting CD sales.” ZDNet News. 28 August 2000 <,4586,2620842,00.html> Hiatt, Brian. “RIAA Sues Napster, Claiming ‘Music Piracy.” Sonic.Net All News. 8 December 1999. Cohen, Jonathan. “Napster To Block Metallica Infringers From Service.” Music News. 4 May 2000. <>