Corruption of Christianity

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THE CORRUPTION OF CHRISTIANITY During the Feudal times, Christianity was faced with countless problems. The beliefs of Christianity were being corrupted left and right. In my essay I am going to describe in detail what led to the downfall of Christianity. The factors I am going to describe are the wrong doings by the Roman-Catholic Church, the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. To begin, the Church faced numerous problems that corrupted the beliefs of Christianity. …

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…many who lost their lives for their attempts to reform the Church. As you can see, Christianity during this time suffered and was extremely corrupt. The Church led this transgression. The Crusades were even worse and during the Inquisition, Christianity was at an all-time low. The events that took place are simply inexcusable and disgraceful. Today, the Roman-Catholic church refuses to look at these startling facts any denies any wrong doings during that time period.