Corrosion Audit

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TOPIC: CORROSION AUDIT AT IIT CAMPUS Index 1.Introduction 2.Main materials used in IITK 3.Inspection 4.Causes 5.Life of a material and remedies provided 6.Cost 7.Conclusion 1.Introduction: Corrosion is the electrochemical deterioration of a metal because of its chemical reaction with the surrounding environment. While new and better materials are continuously being developed, this progress is offset, in part, by a more aggressive operational environment. This problem is compounded by the fact that corrosion is a complex …

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…least once in two years. The pipelines must be made up of CI, coated with protective layer and surrounded by sand. Except this the pipelines in the laboratories must be made up of PVC, as concentration of acids t, salts etc may be high there. And insulator must be applied in electric power supply pillars to prevent any stray currents and also to prevent galvanic corrosion at the point of contact of two different metals.