Cornelius Vanderbilt.

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Empire Builders Speech When our class began to select Personal Empire Builders I was hoping for someone familiar. However, my hopes soon faded when I read "Cornelius Vanderbilt" on that tiny slip of paper. How entertaining could explaining Cornelius Vanderbilt be when someone had Colonel Sanders? Nevertheless, working into this project I have found some pretty interesting things surrounding the life Cornelius Vanderbilt. For instance, did you know that Cornelius is considered one of the …

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…Vanderbilt had one of the greatest influences on American society, politics, and the economics. Cornelius created a huge influence on the industrial age and promoted a new birth of technology. Without him, perhaps we would be years behind. Vanderbilt also showed us the first monopoly, before Bill Gates was even born. But most importantly, Vanderbilt will be known for his ruthless business genius, the very thing he used to climb on top of the competition.