Convince me there is a God

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Convince me there is a god! First, Iím not against the kind, honest people, normally associated with religion. Iím merely attempting to show why Iím not sold on the religion theory itself. My goals are not to destroy the church, or the belief in God, either of which I couldnít do anyway. Iím only attempting to explain why I donít believe in god or any other gods for that …

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…for a moment. Notice the similarities between the argument of a flat earth and the existence of a god? In Columbusí time, everyone thought the world was flat. Iím sure your familiar with the story. Of course, there were others who felt unsure about the ďflat earthĒ theory, but were afraid to question it in fear of religious and social retribution. Columbus observed his surroundings from a different perspective and realized the earth was