Controversy of Cloning

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The Controversies with Cloning Throughout the past century, the United States as well as many other countries around the world have made astonishing advances in technology. Many of the concepts and devices that are so common to us today, were once illustrated only in the plots of science fiction films. Some of these advances are so complex that even the movie industry lacked the imagination to conjure them up. One of these amazing yet controversial …

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…the United States. Violators could get 10 years in prison and a minimum $1 million dollar fine. The White House has indicated that if Congress passes a cloning ban bill, President Bush would sign it. While it may seem tempting to experiment with human cloning , it is one urge that we must deny ourselves. The possibilities of chaotic events occurring due to these procedures are endless. Playing the lives of human beings is risky, unethical, and immoral.