Contributions of early Mesopatamian cultures

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Many ancient civilizations have contributed to our lives today. The ancient civilizations the phoecians, assyrians,hebrews, and the Egyptians made many contributions to history. The Phoecians settled along the coast in north africa. The were a sea bearing cutlture so naturally there merchant population was large. The phoecians are creditted as being one of the greatest sea traidng cultures in history. The exported many products such as lumber, glass, copper, and bronze utensils. The phoecians …

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…the early mesopatamians egypt made large contributions to sicience and mathematics. They mader the first calendat which was the baisis for geometry. The alos made many medicinal advances. Medicine was used in a scientific way new to medicinal pratices. The early civilizations were great contribuitors to everyday life. Without these contributions many religious beliegfes might be different, maybe our military might not eb as strong and many of our bulidings might be different. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**