Contrast of Romes Gladiatorial Games Agressive Sports of Today

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The Contrast of Rome's Gladiatorial Games and Aggressive Sports of Today In every society, some form of entertainment is present. From board games to athletic events to theatrical spectacles, people throughout time have sought ways to occupy their leisure time. In all of the ancient societies I have studied, none has enjoyed a form of entertainment as brutal as the gladiatorial games of ancient Rome. Gladiatorial games consisted of men fighting with spears and swords …

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…we are not so above the Romans after all! The Games were part of the Roman's entertainment program and therefore part of their culture. The people who created and promoted these events benefited from them financially. The visitors paid a fee to visit the Games in the amphitheater and therefore contributed to the wealth of some civilized individuals. The ones who participated readily were the men who tried to achieve popularity and success. Sound familiar?