Contradictions in the Puritan Religion

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Contradictions In The Puritan Religion         Life is full of many contradictions, and the basis of the Puritan religion is no exception. The Puritans believed that they were God's chosen people, as mentioned in the Bible. They saw themselves on a level above the average man, but in reality, their religion was full of inconsistencies. The Puritans believed in something known as the 'Doctrine of Elect,' hinted at in Romans 8:28-30, 9:6-24, and later at …

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…to admit to lies in the face of death? This is a hard question to answer. If a confession was made in hopes that it would save a soul, then wouldn't that render the doctrine of elect meaningless? What man should worry if he dies guilty or innocent? Certainly not a man whose future is already determined. If the Puritans believed so fervently in the Doctrine of Elect, then why should anyone confess their sins?