Content Analysis on Locke's An Essay on Concerning Human Understanding

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While deeming external experience - sensation, as replica of reality and phenomenal images, many empiricists were unaware the consequences with regarded to their theory on knowledge. From this, they still somewhat upon in which to develop a metaphysics that is absolute and complete. On the other hand, for Locke, he assessed that external sensation are just merely subjective presentation. He presented his theory of knowledge in which subjective presentations devoid any relation with external entities. …

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…with the principle of causality for him to prove the existence of our being, the external world and God. Unfortunately, he rejected the fact that the principle of causality is valid with the world of real beings that outside of the mind. He disregarded that an actual empirical theory of knowledge must conclude in pure phenomenal aspects, which mean only not on the level of logic / thought, but also on the level of metaphysics/ reality.