Constrasting Ideals Following Industrialization

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Contrasting Ideals Following Industrialization The Civil War firmly established industry in the North and growth in the West. The south resisted this industrialization and manufactured little. The industrialization of American society during this time forced beliefs towards Christianity to be altered. Evidence of these new ideas about religion could be seen in the liberal views of the Social Gospel movement. The opposition would have been the Fundamentalist movement which simplified religion to somewhat basic standards. …

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…disapproved of all reform with the exception of prohibition and condemned the Social Gospel (Malone and Rauch 298). Organized Christianity made many attempts to adapt to the changes of a new American society after the civil war. The two mentioned above were in direct contrast of one another. The Fundamentalist and Social Gospel movements reached out to people of a nation engulfed in reconstruction, a nation searching for an identity after a war tore it apart.