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Phil 2050 Final Essay - Constitutionalism4/5/02 It has come to my attention Governor-General Smith, that the recent acquisition of the newfound Charter of Rights and Freedoms for our nation has raised doubt, and questions from both the people, and yourself. The whole concept of constitutionalism, as a result, I believe is vague, and sparse across the land. Therefore it is my intent to explain in detail the many issues, and concerns regarding constitutionalism, and how it …

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…benefit in the long run because of the adaptive nature of law. Therefore it is in my opinion that keeping the Charter would be in your best interest. Bibliography: Bickenbach, J. Canadian Cases in the Philosophy of Law, Broadview Press, 1998 Kay, Richard, S. American Constitutionalism, Phil 2050 Course Kit, 2002 Smith, Jennifer. The Origins of Judicial Review in Canada, Course Kit 2002 Course Kit, 2002 Waluchow, W.J. Charter Challenges: a Test Case for Theories of Law Course Kit 2002