Constitutional Law Issues

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Chap. One In chapter one, the introduction, it gives the reader some background knowledge of the constitution. In this chapter it breaks down the constitution by explaining the articles. For example: Article 1, the legislative power obtained by Congress, Article 2, the executive power obtained by the President of the United States, Article 3, the judicial Power obtained by the courts, it goes on to explain the other articles through article 7. This chapter really focuses on the first …

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…that former rap artist, Tupac Shukar, used Tucker's name along with an obscenity. Later on down the line this destroyed Tucker and her husband's sex life. The Supreme Court refused to take Tucker's libel case Week Two: Supreme Court of Georgia Voids Use of Electrocution. This article is about the Supreme Court of Georgia ruling against the use electrocution. The court ruled four to three. Georgia found that it was unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment.