Conscription Crisis of 1917

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The year 1917, was a time of worry and despair. As there was not enough people in Europe to fight in the war. Ideas of conscription floated through the minds of members of Parliament. Before WW1 began, the French and the English were already having disagreements over Regulation 17, which was introduced by the Ontario Department of Education in 1913. The French felt they were having their rights taken away and that the English were being strongly favoured. …

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…and announced a new policy of conscription. "All citizens are liable for the defense of their counrty. And I conceive that the battle for Canadian liberty is being fought on the plains of New France and Belgium." The year 1917 was a year of worry and despair. Ideas of conscription flowed through the minds of members of Parliament. To most Canadians, anything but complete dedication was unthinkable but not all Canadians reacted in the same matter.