Consciousness and Unconsciousness

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“Consciousness and Unconsciousness” Descartes using the method of doubt, tries to create a firm foundation for new sciences. This method should be based on something that is not susceptible to doubt. When Descartes applies the method of doubt, he doubts everything that are derived from senses. Descartes adopted the strategy of withholding his belief from anything that was not entirely certain and in dubitable. He decides that he cannot be deceived about his own existence, …

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…points out that id, ego and superego with interactions of consciousness and unconsciousness, “I” cannot be a first principle for consciousness. Ego is made of id (nature) and superego (culture) and no one can shape oneself without them. According to Freud the gaps of consciousness are a result of these interactions. “Self” cannot be separated from nature or culture as Freud points out but Descartes takes “self” as his basic principle of consciousness and unconsciousness.