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China - Pure Land scriptures, such as the "Pratyutpanna-samadhi-sûtra", were among the first Buddhist sutras to be translated into Chinese. In 402, the monk Huiyuan, basing himself on the "Pratyutpanna-samadhi-sutra", founded the White Lotus Society (Bailianshe) on Mont Lushan, which was at the origin of the Lushan tradition of Chinese Pure Land Buddhism. The same sutra was used by Zhiyi (538-597), founder of Tiantai School, to develop his own interpretation of Pure Land. - The …

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…later Pure Land Buddhism in China (as well as in Indochina and Korea), trough the works of masters such as Yongming (Yanshan, 904-976), Yuanzhao (Zhanran, 1048-1116) and Yunqi (Zhuhong, 1535-1615). - Commentaries on Pure Land were also written by masters of almost every school of Chinese Buddhism, including Jicang (549-623) of the Mâdhyamika (Sanlun) school, Kuiji (532-682) of the Vijñânavâda (Faxiang) school, and the Korean Wonhyo (617-686) of the Avatamsaka (Huayen) school.