Conflicts in marriage

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Marriages are made, not in heaven, but by wonderfully fallible human beings who hope for the best, but who often do precious little to make this most challenging and complicated relationship work. From the very first couple and their differing view point over the apple to modern times, men and women have always disagreed. Both sexes are born with inherently different personality traits. Although mankind knows they will never see eye to eye with the …

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…reception of another persons' faith in our being worthy of his or her lifelong devotion. Commitment to each other is 'forever and a day' and that is the framework for which a marriage should operate. Works Cited Partners In Love: Ingredients for a Deep and Lively Marriage, Alanson B. Houghton, Walker and Company, NY, @1988 Intimate Strangers: Men and Women Together, Lillian B. Rubin, Harper Perennial, NY, @1983 Together Forever, Anne Kristin Carroll, Zondervan Publishing House, MI, @1982