Confederates in the Attic and The Haunted South. Image of American South. Horwitz and Eddie Harris.(Rough)

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Impossible To Forget an Open Wound American's obsession with the Civil War has produced well over 60,000 different books. Two road narratives that contain journeys covering nearly the same concepts but by very different authors are Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horwitz and South of Haunted Dreams by Eddy L. Harris. These men are both educated and experienced. Beyond this they share nothing. Each man goes on his own trip, and finds the South an …

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…hate both groups equally. After repeatedly being denied the opportunity to connect the Civil War to race, after encountering oddball after oddball hiding behind "Southern Heritage" to justify their vaguely racist decorations and traditions, Horwitz thought he had finally found somebody in Sanders who would connect his journey to the struggle for racial equality and harmony in the US. It isn't there. After realizing Sanders' point of view, Horwitz is left with nowhere to turn.