Coney Island

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At the turn of the 19th century Coney Island, following societal queues began to emerge as the entertainment capital of America. Today, with a Disneyworld on each coast, they boast an even more extravagant, elaborate amusement park then Coney Island could have imagined in its heyday. However does Disneyworld, despite its impressive, technologically advanced enchantment offer the same liberation from routine as Coney Island did? In short no, the extreme cultural difference, and escape from …

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…amusement park is not necessary to offer the sort of liberation we seek. If I had the fortune to experience Coney Island in its heyday I would sign up in an instant. Coney Island offered true more then just liberation from routine, it enticed its visitors to be a part of an entirely different world, it encouraged visitors to express themselves in different and exciting ways an experience I would not pass up any day.