Condom Distribution

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The movie Grease. One of the best-loved movies of the twentieth century, watched by millions in the movie theatre upon its release in 1978. A newer, generation that is more modern got to experience the gang at Rydell High when it was re-released in 1998. There are many memorable scenes in the movie, but one that really stands out is the scene where Rizzo and Knicky are making out in his car. They are swept into the …

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…those teens that are not active, must be given the supplies needed to make sensible decisions in their lives. Condom distribution in schools does not encourage usage it encourages responsibility. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) realizes that there is no definite way to ensure that condom distribution in schools will not encourage sex among teens. However, a community-based alliance of parents, health care administrators and especially schools is essential to positively influencing adolescent behavior.