Condom Dispenser in Highschool

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Condom Dispensers Acting as nonchalant as their maturity would allow, the four senior boys meandered their way through the busy hallway with only one thought on their minds. Make it to the bathroom without giving away “The Plan.” Their quarters quietly played an off~key tune as they bounced around in the boys’ pockets. The bathroom door was in sight. Without hesitation, the boys walked in and sauntered straight to the wall with the machine …

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…promoting sex and making it too easy to access protection if they put dispensers up. Before placing condom dispensers in high school, society needs to focus on targeting teens already having sex and giving them information on where to find help, protection, and information on this subject. Just by putting a machine up in the bathroom isn’t going to solve anything, it will just promote sex, and make it seem like one big joke.