Condom Availability to High School Students

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Condom Availability to High School Students In 1991 New York Public Schools started distributing condoms to their high school students. This was the first school system to attempt to do this. Since then many other high schools in twenty-one different states have picked up similar programs, but not without a fight (Vail 43). Some parents of high school students are strongly opposed to their kids being able to get condoms at their high school. But more and …

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…does not increase the number of students having sex, and parents who disapprove can make arrangements with the some school districts so their student won’t receive any. A New York student pointed out, “There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with it, but condoms save kids from pregnancy, AIDS, and other sexua! lly transmitted diseases. It’s only smart to make sure we’re safe” (qtd. in Brown 338). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**