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The Concern With Individualism and Freedom in Martha Quest According to Paul Schlueter, the novels of Doris Lessing tend to give her characters a personal commitment that will in turn provide the means for the individual to purposefully identify with others and to the world. This commitment can be pursued in a variety of ways, whether it becomes a battle for personal freedom or even for women’s independence. In the novel of Martha Quest, …

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…for freedom through a letter from Joss, that is described to “release her from her imprisonment like the kiss of the prince in the fairy tales” (Lessing 207). Also, when she decides to marry Douglas, the decision made her “spiritually free again” (Lessing 234), which illustrates her constant concern with “freedom” (Schlueter 30). According to Kaplan, Martha began her rebellion by referring to the information she obtained from her books, for she began weaving in the things that