Concepts in French Neo-classical Theater

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French neoclassic theatre was heavily influenced by Italian neoclassic theatre. Early Paris theaters such as the Theatre du Marais where converted tennis courts. In 1641 the Italian influence showed its first signs theater architecture when Cardinal Richelieu erected the Palais Cardinal, the first proscenium arch stage in France. Soon after all the theaters in Paris where converted to proscenium arch stages. The French did add a twist to Italian proscenium set up by adding and undivided …

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…contemporary dress and historical timepieces. The companies would subsidize the actors who provided the costumes. The costumes could then be used for court as well as public presentations. In 1680 King Louis XIV merged to prominent theatre troupes to form one elite troup and established the Frances national theater, Commedie Francaise. The Comedies functioned like most aristocratic theatre where the King gave funding the theatre to promote shows that glorified him and the society he created.