Computer Viruses and Hoaxes

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Computer Viruses and Hoaxes: How To Protect Against Them There are over 30,000 known computer viruses and new viruses are being written every day. The number of computer hoaxes (lies) is not as high as the number of viruses, but for the many computer users, who may believe the false information, hoaxes can cause them a lot of emotion and wasted time. The hoaxes are annoying but, if the user can recognize them, can be easily …

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…is detected, there are solutions for cleaning and restoring the hard drive. A user cannot be assured the system is totally protected because some viruses are introduced without his/her knowing it. Still, the best way to protect a system from a virus infection is to take care in using outside floppy or Zip discs, reject e-mails from unknown senders, and keep anti-virus software updated. Protecting from hoaxes is much easier. Delete, do not respond.