Computer Myths

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Langdon Winner wrote “Mthinformation: Romantic Politics in the Computer revolution” in 1984, many years before the millions who own personal computers and widespread use of the Internet. In this essay, Winner is trying to convey the message that computers will not ‘produce a better world’. Winner stated that ‘current dreams of a “computer age” stand out as exaggerated and unrealistic’, which in my opinion, is a false statement and proves that Winner is a bad prophet. …

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…computers, for I believe computers can be good and bad; one positive side is the Internet and e-mail, but a negative point of computers are the chat room and pornography addictions. Langdon Winner’s question was whether computers would produce a better world? Not a better world, but maybe a more convenient, assessable world. In 1984, Winner would have been amazed if had foreseen the 21st century and the many impacts computers had on everyday life.