Comparrasion of Ozmandiaze and the Ruin

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Man’s Creation Cannot Last Forever. In about 450 B.C., the city of Olympia -- where the first Olympic games were held in 776 B.C. -- built a temple to honor the god Zeus. Many considered the Doric-style temple too simple, so a lavish 40-foot statue of Zeus was commissioned for the inside. Wealthy Greeks decided to move the statue to a palace in Constantinople (present-day Istanbul, Turkey). Their effort prolonged its life, as fire …

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…expressed in two poems “The Ruin” and “Ozymandias” by comparing the use of plot, setting and irony. The idea in the poems states that man-made artifacts can never last forever, even though the greatest kings and rulers cannot maintain their amazing creations. The twin towers were once considered as the most powerful and tallest building in the world, but great tragedy changed it all, and all that remains is the ruins of an amazing creation.