Comparitive study of canada and the US economically and politically

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The average American knows little about our Canadian neighbors. Little is known about Canada being an economic powerhouse or as a member of the G7 countries; Canada holds its own weight economically. Canada's economy resembles the US in its market-oriented economic system, as well as its patterns of industry, and high living standards. The Canadian economy has grown3.0% annually since 1993 despite an economic downturn. Unfortunately unemployment in Canada has risen dramatically, and the government's financial …

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…be more liberal in its political views, whereas there is a conservative movement in the United States. Despite their differences Canada now plays a major role in the war against terrorism, committing its own troops in Afghanistan. Politically the two countries have worked together as two major role players in world politics. Economically the two countries are partners, helping to booster their own economies and aid in the building process of smaller third world countries.