Comparison of musical artists Rage Against The Machine and writer George Orwell.

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"You'll never silence the voice of the voiceless!" roars Rage Against the Machine. "And Orwell's hell of terror era coming through!" Rage Against the machine knows what Orwell's all about. Together, Rage Against the Machine (R.A.T.M) and George Orwell have much in common. Through their artistry they share they're awareness of political corruption and the need to open the world's eyes to problems faced within society. Both Orwell and RATM warn their …

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…point. Ignorance is not strength, just as Orwell describe in his novel 1984. War is not peace as RATM says, "Fight war" and "Take the power back" from the government that could someday strip us from our freedom entirely. Both Orwell and Rage Against the Machine express their ideas freely through literature and through music. They are equally protesting against governmental concerns and are aware of the possible absolute power that could potentially take away freedom.