Comparison of james jarvis to Stephen kumalo in the novel Cry, The Beloved Country.

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Cry, The Beloved Country Essay The character James Jarvis changed greatly throughout the novel, "Cry, The Beloved Country". He was a white Christian man who lived in South Africa during the Apartheid. He was a racist man who didn't want to accept blacks as equals but he did not go as far as killing them. His son, Arthur Jarvis, fought for equality and even built an African Boy's Club. Arthur died in a tragic and …

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…group of young black men his hatred went up. But, not long after that he showed that he wanted equality for the native Africans. This is an incredible thing to do because normally the murder of a loved one will make a person hate that race of people even more. Jarvis turned out to be a very benevolent man. He went from being a mild antagonist to a protagonist at the end of this novel.