Comparison of The World War's Causes

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Compare and contrast WW1/WW2 causes There are many causes of WW1 and WW2, some similar and some different. I will discuss three similar reasons for the outbreaks, and two major differences from the two wars. The first reason of the wars is nationalism or the country’s sense of pride and lust for power. In WW1, Germany wanted to expand its new boarders, strengthen their territory and challenge Britain for the most powerful country …

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…Churchill, and Roosevelt will be linked to the war as well. Although there are many other reasons for the start of the wars, the ones presented show the parallels between the wars and can be attributed to modern day skirmishes, such as Hussein, and his invasion of Kuwait for oil and land. But as with all wars, there are glaring differences which occur because of the times and situations countries are in at the time.