Comparison of Mansfield Park and Metropolitan

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Comparison of Mansfield Park and Metropolitan Whit Stillman's attempt to capture Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park on film in Metropolitan is a fair adaptation but it is unable to give the viewer the same insights. Stillman manages to have most of Mansfield Parks characters represented in some way or another, however the time needed to develop those characters is simply not there in a two hour movie. It is this development that makes Jane Austen's …

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…identify with the group by substituting the background given in the novel to the movie. If the viewer of Metropolitan had no experience either with Mansfield or Austin in general, than the movie would fail to impart the exploration into human nature that was her trademark. It is very clear that Metropolitan can not stand by itself as a work of great value without the reader being familiar with Austen's literary works, specifically Mansfield Park.