Comparison of Hector and Achilles

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In book VI, Hector returns to battle despite the pleas of those he loves. Compare Hectors behavior with Achilles' refusal to fight after he has been shamed. Both are heroes. What is heroic about each decision? Do you approve of one more than the other? Why? If so, what values do they have that you do not? Both Hector and Achilles are noble warriors. These two men are skilled in the ways of war and …

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…family and himself. His refusal to fight from within the walls led to his slaughter and disgrace at the hands of Achilles. Both men had very valid reasons for their resolve. Both men were committed to their decisions. Their determination is certainly commendable. Pride however, is a powerful beast that can and will ruin men. I do not find the force that drove Achilles and Hector to be heroic. I find these characters extremely tragic.