Comparison of Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart

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Comparison of Natives The natives in the Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart were similar in many ways. In both novels white people came into their land and disrupted their society. The white people in both books looked at the blacks as inferior and full of sin. In both stories it appears that the natives were living without real problems and the white people came in and caused complete confusion and mayhem. When the …

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…Akunna's carved Ikenga hung.) "and you call it a god. But it is still a piece of wood.(p. 164)" Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart both contain parts where white foreigners are mistreating natives. These white people used the natives as cheap labor and exploited them. In both books the white people tried to convert all the natives to a new religion by denouncing the religion that the natives have been following for years.