Comparison between Australia and New Zealand?s Non-Verbal Communication

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Both Australia and New Zealand have different forms of music, which includes music from their individual indigenous cultures. The Maori people have unique chants such as the well-known Haka as New Zealand?s rugby team, the All Blacks, frequently perform it. The Aboriginal?s music has become increasingly meaningful within the culture influencing many aspects of their lives. Besides indigenous music there is the widely spread popular music as well as other music genres in …

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…of Australia as it contained history of Australia?s architecture as well as the present architecture. New Zealand Architecture (2001) [Internet] [Accessed June 29th] This was extremely helpful in relation to New Zealand architecture with very detailed information. Australian Infopedia [CD ROM] (1999) Australia: Macquarie This CD had some useful information about Australian music and architecture, but there wasn?t too much that could be compared with New Zeala