Comparison and analsys on "Portable phonograph" by Walter Van Tilburg Clark and "Solder's Home" by Ernest Hemingway.

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War's affect on people The main characters in "The Portable Phonograph" by Walter Van Tilburg Clark and "Soldier's Home" by Ernest Hemingway must deal with survival after war. The war changes their lifestyles and personalities. Yet Krebs in Hemingway's story and Dr. Jenkins and the musician in Clark's work have experienced different changes. The factors which influence them are not only the different affects of war, but also the role they play during the war …

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…environment. They are survivors but they are damaged from their experiences and must find comfort in small pleasures such as music and books. Like Krebs, they avoid reality but through music rather than avoiding honest communication with people such as Krebs does. No matter what a person's role in war, soldier or civilian, the effects on the soul are equally damaging. The effects on the environment further shake up any comfort left to cling to.