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Comparison The Mercedes-Benz S500 has a mind of its own. It can actually outthink the driver at times and make smart decisions regarding car movements and safe operations. Microprocessors connect with numerous on-board sensors that measure forward and lateral movement, tire rotations, passenger load, and even conditions of a roadbed and the traffic on it. These computers filter out all data and then automatically deploy various commands based on need or demand. For instance, sensors …

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…though, the Jaguar is typically underpriced by $27,000 without all the extras. These two automobiles make a statement when they drive into once view with their distinct European characteristics and their elegant body frames. The S500 and the S-Type represents the state of the technological art of high-performance sedans. Their interior comfort is unsurpassed and the styling is aerodynamically efficient. Though, only one question is left, which pocket holds enough finances to support such a luxury.